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At Dashe, we are committed to partnering with some of the finest small growers in Sonoma and Mendocino counties and beyond. We focus on crafting wines with a distinctive sense of place and look for that perfect balance of steep hillside vineyards, older vines, and vigor-reducing growing conditions. With almost two decades partnering with many of our growers, we work together to limit yields and reduce or eliminate the use of chemicals in the vineyards. In addition, all harvesting decisions are made by Michael Dashe.



Louvau Vineyard - Dry Creek

When John Louvau bought this Dry Creek property in the late 1980s, he believed it would be an ideal site for growing grapes. Apparently, he wasn’t the first to think so. Under a sea of weeds and wild raspberry bushes, John discovered a block of 90-year-old Zinfandel vines hidden among the bramble. Surviving by growing deep roots to find the underground water table, these vines are among the most magnificent old Zinfandel vines we have ever seen. Although John Louvau sadly passed away in 2016, his wife Linda Emmanuel has continued Louvau Vineyard’s commitment to the highest standards of quality.



Florence Vineyard, Dry Creek Valley

Planted in 2002 and farmed by legendary grower Jack Florence, the vines on this former riverbed were grown from cuttings of the famous St. Peter’s Church clone, taken from Jack’s renowned Rockpile Ranch. Though still relatively youthful, these vines produce vibrant fruit with intense floral aromatics that create wines with aromas that can linger for days.



Bella Vineyard, Dry Creek Valley

Owned and operated by Scott and Lynn Adams, Bella Vineyards is located at elevations of 800-1,000 feet at the top of a ridge overlooking northern Dry Creek Valley. The vineyard was planted almost two decades ago with the 112-year-old Big River Zinfandel clone and the coveted St Peter’s Church clone. Because of the steep hillside, the vines are forced to struggle, keeping yields naturally low. And thanks to the cooler conditions at this high elevation, the grapes enjoy extended hang time and produce excellent acidity.



Todd Brothers Ranch, Alexander Valley

Planted in 1958, the Todd Brothers Ranch produces fruit solely for Dashe Cellars. Approaching their 60s, these distinguished vines grow in bright red volcanic soil on steep hillsides. The head-trained vines undergo extensive canopy management and leaf pruning to produce yields of less than three tons per acre. The Zinfandel fruit from the Todd Brothers Ranch is incredibly complex, showing intensity and layers that, at times, are Cabernet Sauvignon-like in their stature.



McFadden Farm, Potter Valley

After years of searching for the ideal site for our Riesling, we finally found what we were looking for at Guinness McFadden’s ranch high up in the mountains of Potter Valley in Mendocino. This organic-certified vineyard sits in a distinct micro-climate with moderately warm days and cool nights, allowing the fruit to ripen slowly and to develop complex flavors. McFadden Farm is also home to an unusual block of cool-climate Zinfandel which inspired our line of “Les Enfants Terribles” wines — wines that defy the standard of their varietal and challenge the drinker to rethink preconceived notions of a particular grape.



Heart Arrow Ranch, Eagle Peak

Spanning over 1,000 acres in Mendocino County, the Heart Arrow Ranch is a certified biodynamic and organic farm in Eagle Peak, one of California’s newest designated American viticultural areas. Vineyards are nestled among olive groves and vegetable gardens, and are fertilized by the cows, pigs, chickens, and sheep that roam the land.


Evangelho Vineyard, Contra Costa County

Planted in 1890 on an ancient sandbar, the Evangelho Vineyard sits at the crossroads of where the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers intersect with the waters of the San Francisco Bay. The sandy, dry-farmed vineyard is home to some of our favorite gnarled vines that are head trained and on their original rootstock. Defying the odds, the Carignane in the vineyard has survived blights of disease, age, and encroaching developments, while still offering deep, luscious fruit.



Monarch Mine Vineyards, Sierra Foothills

The Monarch Mine vineyard sits on an old mining site almost 3,000 feet up in the northwest foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. With its extremely steep slopes and bright red, rocky soil, this vineyard is an ideal site to grow Grenache Blanc, a varietal that is rarely found in California. The high altitude and cooler climate allow the grapes to mature while keeping a bright acidity —an essential component for the creation of lively white wines.

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