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SF City View Patio open by reservation 

Indoor Tasting Room open by reservation 

March 9th | Hearth Pizza

Is there anything better than pizza and wine? Not in our books!  HEARTH Wood Fired Pizza & Catering is a small family-owned business, spearheaded by Chef-Owner, Randy Lewis. With over 15 years in the food industry, they are committed to providing superb customer service, exceeding expectations, delighting the palate with fresh, seasonal ingredients, and elevating the dining experience. They are passionate about saturating your taste buds with vibrant flavors while forging memories with your favorite people.

Enjoy our SF City View Patio, where you'll have an amazing view of the San Francisco Bay complete with passing sailboats and the city skyline. Choose either a bottle to share, wines by the glass, or a flight of three Dashe wines. You'll want to come hungry, because we've also partnered with local Food Trucks for your dining pleasure. So support your local winery and your local food trucks too. Your reserved table will be all yours for 90 minutes and we'll have specials on wines to take home and for delivery to your friends too. We're looking forward to seeing you!

DATE: Saturday, March 9th

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FOOD: Hearth  Pizza 

As they say, never trust a round pizza or a skinny chef. At least, that's the motto at Square Pizza Truck. This East Bay food truck strongly believes that the future of pizza is square, which is why they specialize in Italian influenced al taglio (square-cut) pizza. Whether you're craving a half pie or hungry enough for a whole one, Square Pizza Truck has you covered. 

COST: Reservation is Complimentary, wine & food available for purchase

Free admission - Kid Friendly - Dog Friendly on the Patio 

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