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Dashe's Superbowl Picks

Stock Up for Super Bowl 50!

The big game day shouldn't just be about beer, especially if your party includes heartier fare that actually pairs better with wine. In celebration of Super Bowl 50 being held in our very own Bay Area, come visit the tasting room to take advantage of the following special:

Take 15% off any 3-pack combination of the following wines (through Saturday, Feb. 6) and see our pairing suggestions to delight your guests' taste buds!*  Use code 15for50 to receive your discount if ordering online. 

The tasting room will be closed on Superbowl Sunday so make sure you get in and get your wine beforehand.

* Discount only applies to the wines on this list


Try with: buffalo wings, nachos, tacos


Try with: pulled pork sandwiches, stuffed mushrooms, potato skins with bacon


Try with: chili, BBQ chicken, smoked turkey club sandwiches


Try with: sausages, French dip sandwiches, lamb burgers


Try with: reuben sandwiches, mozzarella sticks, pizza 

Try with: hamburgers, meatballs, short-rib tacos

Try with: Sloppy Joe sandwiches, brisket, ribs

"Penny per Bottle"Shipping 

Happy New Year!

We hope that the holidays have treated you well, although I am sure that your wine cellars have been left a little bruised and battered from all the celebrations. Dashe Cellars can help you restock for the new year, by offering our “One Penny Per Bottle” shipping special until the end of January.

Order 6 bottles of wine, and you pay only six cents for shipping. Order 12 bottles, and pay twelve cents for shipping. You get the idea—the more you buy, the greater the savings. Just enter the coupon code PENNY in your shopping cart.*

This offer expires on January 31st and is available on a minimum of 4 bottles, ground shipping only. Concerned about the weather? No worries! Just ask us to hold onto your wine and we’ll ship when the weather warms up.

*shipping cost will not show when you place your order, but will be calculated and added to your final invoice.


The Best Domestic Wines of the Year - Serious Eats

The Best Domestic Wines of the Year

(Photos except where noted: Wes Rowe)

2015 was an interesting vintage. And I don't mean for wine: the grapes harvested this year are largely still in barrels and only time will tell how tasty they are. For me, though, harvest season brought a babbling baby girl and the end of a nine-month dry spell. By the time my baby was born in July, I hadn't drunk a bottle of wine since the previous fall. And I was thirsty.

To catch up on what I'd missed, I devoted the past few months to drinking a whole lot of American wine in the $20 to $50 range—old favorites and unfamiliar bottles I'd started seeing on restaurant lists, wines from up-and-comers working in shared warehouse spaces and young producers launching labels while still holding day jobs at more established wineries.

By the time I lost track of how many wines I'd tasted—somewhere north of 100 bottles—and began to construct my list of favorites, one thing was clear. There are certainly great domestic examples of classic grapes such as Chardonnay and Zinfandel, but most of my top picks are hiding under less-familiar names.Some of today's best American winemakers are focusing on grapes you may have never heard of—grapes that are less expensive for producers to acquire and don't demand a crazy-high price at the wine store, either. If you want to drink well for your money, it pays to be open minded. This is the year to try American-grown Riesling, Nebbiolo, Barbera, and others.

Here are the wines that stopped me in my tracks this year....


For some folks, Thanksgiving isn't Thanksgiving without a bottle of fruity Zinfandel. For others, there's no Turkey Day without juicy, earthy Gamay. The Dashe Cellars 'Les Enfants Terribles' series will please both camps; these Zins are produced the way many Beaujolais are, with carbonic maceration. The wines then spend a few months in a giant 900-gallon barrel—fifteen times the size of a regular wine barrel—which limits surface area to gives them a little air but not a lot of oaky flavor. The 2014 McFadden Farm is especially juicy and Beaujolais-like, but my favorite is the earthier 2014 Heart Arrow Ranch, which is all mushroom and black pepper, with silky roast-plum flavors that are great with savory dark-meat turkey and herb-laced stuffing but also perfect for Peking duck. 

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Wine Spectator - Oakland Reclaimed

Oakland Reclaimed

Urban energy and investment draw winemakers, chefs and tourists to this East Bay city
Aaron Romano
Issue: September 30, 2015

A blue-collar port city, home to numerous manufacturing industries, Oakland has long existed in the shadow of the more glamorous San Francisco, just across the bay. The gap between the two is narrowing, however, as neighborhoods near the waterfront have seen the rise of destination dining and the arrival of urban wineries.

Jack London Square is Oakland's most identifiable landmark, a bustling mix of retail and restaurants along the waterfront, while the skyscrapers of downtown and other popular neighborhoods, such as uptown, Rockridge and Piedmont Avenue, reside inland on the other side of the freeway. The blocks around the square reflect Oakland more broadly: Often branded as rough-and-tumble, the city is evolving into an increasingly diverse metropolis where cultures have fused. With an influx of new residents and waves of investment, Oakland is in the midst of a renaissance.

"We believed in Oakland when no one else believed in Oakland," says Anna Beuselinck of Campovida, a tasting room in a neighborhood that, while just a few blocks from Jack London Square, was until recently largely boarded up and laden with graffiti. In the past decade, investors have poured nearly $2 billion into residential and commercial development, especially downtown and along the waterfront, in an effort to jump-start these areas. The movement was slow at first, but now Oakland is coming into its own.

Abandoned warehouses and neglected neighborhoods have received makeovers, revitalizing this underdog city. And every area has its own style. Oakland has never followed one aesthetic, and now more than ever its identity is a patchwork. Artist collectives occupy space in the same restored turn-of-the-century warehouses as wineries, restaurants and tech startups, next door to canneries and a nautical supply business. The community is varied, vital and proud. When you peel away the layers of its fragmented past, you find Oakland as a cohesive community, supported by a sophisticated food-and-wine scene.

Winemakers have staked their claim in the city. Rosenblum Cellars was the pioneer, opening in Alameda, just west of Oakland, in 1978. Jeff Cohn, former winemaker for Rosenblum, started JC Cellars, now Jeff Cohn Cellars, in 1996. Now more than 20 wineries and tasting rooms dot the East Bay. The unifying motto for urban winemakers is that the grapes don't care where the wine is made; they only care where they grow.

Steve and Marilee Shaffer considered being closer to a vineyard source when they started Urban Legend Cellars in 2009 but opted for Oakland because they loved the city life and being at the center of a diverse and developing food scene. "We love the energy and vibrancy of Oakland," says Marilee. "As much as the life of the country winemaker would be peaceful and bucolic, it also would be boring."

In Jack London Square, the epicenter of the urban winery experience, don't let the area's industrial vibe dissuade you from exploring; there are gems hiding in unlikely places. The new wave of Oaklanders brought with them a demand for quality food and beverages. In the past three years, 200 restaurants have opened in the city, as have myriad tasting rooms, wine bars and breweries. Much of Jack London is accessible by foot or bike, and if you're heading uptown to explore the culinary scene in the other districts, it's a short trip by car or BART. If you're unsure where to go, ask a local for recommendations; the people of Oakland are excited to share their city with you.

UPS Summer Solutions 2015


Hot summer days may be perfect for enjoying fine wine, but they are definitely not great for shipping—until now! Beginning May 27thth, and running through October 8th, UPS is back with an ever expanding Summer Shipping Solution. This program ensures that your Dashe Cellars wines will travel from California to one of six convenient national shipping hubs in pristine, temperature-controlled conditions. We have used this program since its inception in 2011 with 100% success and customer satisfaction. Here’s how it works: 

  • Check the first three digits of your zip code in the 3 Digit Zip List to be sure your zip code is one that is being shipped to and based on your zip code check the hub city (UPS shipping destination) the shipment goes to.
  • On the Pickup Schedule List find when the next pickup date for that city is. Your wine will ship out to you via refrigerated rail car and once it arrives at the relevant hub, it goes right onto a truck for normal delivery.
  • The price and time of travel are the same as standard UPS Ground, with the exception of a set $9.00 surcharge regardless of the size of your shipment—so stock up for BBQ season!
  • Your wine travels from California in a refridgerated rail car and once your wines 
  • All standard wine club discounts apply
  • Simply place your order by clicking here, select UPS Ground shipping, and we will time your shipment accordingly.
  • This is a risk free shipping method as we also have automatic 'heat damage' insurance on each package at no additional cost.
We are thrilled with this new shipping option, and encourage you to take advantage of it with the piece of mind of knowing that your wines will arrive in the same wonderful condition as when they left our cellar!

2015 UPS Temperature Controlled Pickup Schedule

Pickup Date    Destination Hub                                 Pickup Date    Destinaton Hub   

Wed May 27

Greensboro, NC   Tue Aug 04 Meadowlands, NJ
Thu May 28 Chicago, IL   Wed Aug 05 Greensboro, NC
Tue Jun 02 Jacksonville, FL   Thu Aug 06 Chicago, IL
Wed Jun 03 Lenexa, KS   Tue Aug 11 Jacksonville, FL
Thur Jun 04 Dallas, TX   Wed Aug 12 Lenexa, KS

Tue Jun 09

Meadowlands, NJ   Thu Aug 13 Dallas, TX
Wed Jun 10 Greensboro, NC   Tue Aug 18 Meadowlands, NJ
Thur Jun 11 Chicago, IL   Wed Aug 19 Greensboro, NC
Tue Jun 16 Jacksonville, FL   Thu Aug 20 Chicago, IL
Wed Jun 17 Lenexa, KS   Tue Aug 25 Jacksonville, FL
Thu Jun 18 Dallas, TX   Wed Aug 26 Lenexa, KS
Tue Jun 23 Meadowlands, NJ   Thu Aug 27 Dallas, TX
Wed Jun 24 Greensboro, NC   Tue Sep 01 Meadowlands, NJ
Thu Jun 25 Chicago, IL   Wed Sep 02 Greensboro, NC
Tue Jun 30 Jacksonville, FL   Thu Sep 03 Chicago, IL
Wed Jul 01 Lenexa, KS   Tue Sep 08 no SS due to Holiday
Thu Jul 02 Dallas, TX   Wed Sep 09 Lenexa, KS
Tue Jul 07 Meadowlands, NJ   Thu Sep 10 Dallas, TX
Wed Jul 08 Greensboro, NC   Tue Sep 15 Meadowlands, NJ
Thu Jul 09 Chicago, IL   Wed Sep 16 Greensboro, NC
Tue Jul 14 Jacksonville, FL   Thu Sep 17 Chicago, IL
Wed Jul 15 Lenexa, KS   Tue Sep 22 Jacksonville, FL
Thu Jul 16 Dallas, TX   Wed Sep 23 Lenexa, KS
Tue Jul 21 Meadowlands, NJ   Thu Sep 24 Dallas, TX
Wed Jul 22 Greensboro, NC   Tue Sep 29 Meadowlands, NJ
Thu Jul 23 Chicago, IL   Wed Sep 30 Greensboro, NC
Tue Jul 28 Jacksonville, FL   Thu Oct 01 Chicago, IL
Wed Jul 29 Lenexa, KS   Tue Oct 06 Jacksonville, FL
Thu Jul 30 Dallas, TX   Wed Oct 07 Lenexa, KS
      Thu Oct 08 Dallas, TX



UPS Destination State Range        UPS Destination State  Range
Meadowlands, NJ      NY  005, 100-128, 129-131*, 132, 133-134*, 135, 137-138*, 139, 148*                     Jacksonville, FL     GA  300-302*, 303-304, 310-311*, 312-317, 318*, 398-399
Meadowlands, NJ MA  010-015, 016*, 017-019, 020*, 021, 023*, 024, 027, 055*   Jacksonville, FL FL  320-329, 330*, 331-349
Meadowlands, NJ RI  028-029   Jacksonville, FL AL 360*, 363, 364* 
Meadowlands, NJ VT 050, 051*, 052-059    Dallas, TX GA 300-302*, 305-309, 310-311*, 318 
Meadowlands, NJ CT 060-067, 068-069*    Dallas, TX AL 350-359, 360-361, 362, 364*, 365, 366*, 367-369 
Meadowlands, NJ NJ 070-089    Dallas, TX TN 370-375, 377-378*, 380-385 
Meadowlands, NJ PA 168-173, 174*, 175-188, 189*, 190-193, 194*, 195-196    Dallas, TX MS 386-397 
Meadowlands, NJ DE 197-199    Dallas, TX KY 400-401*, 420-424, 425-427* 
Meadowlands, NJ DC 200*, 202-205    Dallas, TX KS  670-671*, 672
Meadowlands, NJ MD 206-219    Dallas, TX LA 700-714 
Chicago, IL NY 129-131*, 133-134*, 136, 137-138*, 140-147, 148*, 149*    Dallas, TX AR  718*, 719, 720-721*, 722

Chicago, IL

PA 150-167    Dallas, TX OK  730-731, 734-741, 743-749
Chicago, IL WV 254, 260-261, 263-265, 267, 268*    Dallas, TX TX  733*, 750-770, 772-779, 780-782*, 786*, 787, 789, 792*, 795-796, 797*
Chicago, IL GA 300-302*, 305-309, 310-311*, 318*    Lenexa, KS PA  150-167
Chicago, IL AL  350-351*, 352, 355-359   Lenexa, KS WV 260-261, 263-265 
Chicago, IL TN 370-375, 377*, 378*, 380-385    Lenexa, KS GA 300-302*, 305-309, 310-311*, 318* 
Chicago, IL KY 400-401*, 403*, 404-409, 410*, 411-418, 420-426, 427*    Lenexa, KS AL  350-359, 360-361*, 362, 364*, 365, 366, 367-369
Chicago, IL OH 430-432, 433*, 434-459    Lenexa, KS TN  370-375, 377*, 378*, 380-385
Chicago, IL IN 460-479    Lenexa, KS MS  386-397
Chicago, IL MI 480-499    Lenexa, KS KY  400-401*, 403*, 404-409, 410*, 411-418, 420-426, 427*
Chicago, IL IA 500-502*, 503, 506*, 507, 509, 520, 522-528    Lenexa, KS OH  430-342, 433-435*, 437-449, 451*, 453*, 455-458
Chicago, IL WI  530-532, 534-535, 537-549   Lenexa, KS IN  467*, 469*, 470-475, 478
Chicago, IL MN 550-551, 553-564, 565-566*    Lenexa, KS MI 480-484*, 486-487, 490*, 493-394*, 496-499 
Chicago, IL ND 580*    Lenexa, KS IA  500-516, 520-528
Chicago, IL IL 600-629    Lenexa, KS WI  540, 541*, 544*, 545, 546-547*, 548
Chicago, IL MO 630-631, 633    Lenexa, KS MN 550-551, 553-567 
Greensboro, NC VA 226-229, 23-231*, 232, 233-235*, 236-246    Lenexa, KS SD 576*, 577* 
Greensboro, NC WV 247-253, 255-259, 262, 266, 268*    Lenexa, KS ND 580, 582-583 
Greensboro, NC NC 270-289    Lenexa, KS IL  620*, 622*
Greensboro, NC SC 290-299    Lenexa, KS MO 630-631, 633, 640-641, 644-658 
Greensboro, NC TN 376, 377-378*, 379    Lenexa, KS KS  660-662, 664-679
        Lenexa, KS NE  680-688, 689*, 691*
        Lenexa, KS LA  700-708, 713*
        Lenexa, KS OK 730*, 731, 740*, 741, 748*