Michael Dashe
Co-founder & Winemaker

At the age of fifteen, Michael Dashe discovered his passion for the science of fermentation when he reconditioned an old refrigerator to begin making his own handcrafted beer. From selecting his own hops and malts, to studying the art of brewing, Michael loved the process. By 1978, as an undergraduate studying biology, with an emphasis on plant physiology, at the University of California at Santa Cruz, Michael's fascination with fermentation had guided him to begin making his own small batch wines. Read More...

Anne Dashe

When speaking of her upbringing in Brittany and her love of wine, Anne Dashe says simply, "In France, you don't come to wine, wine comes to you. It is always a part of life." As a child, Anne followed her nose, intrigued by different smells. From the mustiness of old books, to the leather and blackberry of classic Rhône red wines, Anne discovered that she connected emotions to different aromas. Read More...